Under the wire

I am sneaking this post in just under the wire for today. Just a quick post tonight as I just got home from hockey and its been a long week. We tied 4-4 and I made 40 saves, but with the other team having twice as many players, this tie was a good tie and felt like a win. It was a great effort and everyone was spent after.

Brain Zaps Update: Actually never been worse, they are more severe and more frequent as I expected, but I’m not giving up as I know they will end soon.

Work: An amazingly and abnormally busy week but highly productive.

Family: Spent a late night, well for me, with them on their last night here and it was awesome. So much fun and I look forward to seeing them all again in April when we have back to back weekends of weddings. Everyone is eagerly planning to attend both without any doubts so it should be a good couple of weeks.

On one final note, tonight the space shuttle lifted off. Whether you’ve lived here for 80 seconds or 80 years, everyone watches. No matter where you are here in Orlando you just have to step outside and face East and you can’t miss it. This was a night launch which is even more amazing than others. The engines light up the sky as though it were daylight and the rocket propels itself upwards into the night sky and you can see everything happen including when it enters Earth’s orbit. This giant ball of fire and light in just a few minutes lights up the sky and then just turns into a star. Everyone just goes outside and watches. The area almost totally stops for every launch as we admire the efforts of tens of thousands of the worlds best engineers and minds. It really is a cool sight for everyone.

Good night folks. See you tomorrow.


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