“Daddy Days” are here again

Well, mostly. Tomorrow Grandpa joins us for the last 2 of 3 days. Still, these are the times I cherish the most with my girls because its just us. The wife has left for her cruise leaving me to man the helm of the household with my two little girls. So how did it start? I picked up my girls from school, hit up the grocery store for a few things, took them to see the dragon movie, went to their new favorite pizza place for dinner, and then went for ice cream after. How am I rewarded for that? 15 minutes after putting them to bed, they fell right asleep.

Now I am stuck in the boredom of being alone. The house is clean, I just need to move some laundry around and take out the trash, but other than that? Nothing but the ballgame on TV. My Mets are in South Florida this weekend so I get to see each game. Cool by me. I don’t watch much TV so I have no idea what else is on or what I’m missing.

Tomorrow I have half a day with my youngest all to myself until her sister gets out of school and we will head on down to the mouse house for some Hollywood Studios fun. Hit me up if your down there by chance tomorrow and we’ll say hello! Saturday we plan to spend a couple hours at the local science center before the star wars concert.

Today I found out some incredible news. I learned today that my boss is getting married on Saturday. I felt like that guy in the Allstate commercials “You’re married?” No one on my team knew. When I asked about the who, it turned out it was someone I have been friends and a co-worker with for about 5 years now. So needless to say I am very happy for them both as they are both really good people.

I got my team together and quickly scrambled up some dough for a gift. Since I was only working a half day today there was no time for planning. We came up with a card attached to a bottle of Macallan 18 year old scotch. I know its a fave of his and at $150 a bottle I imagine he doesn’t get it that often. Split up 6 ways it wasn’t that expensive and he was very touched by the gesture. He couldn’t even stay around us too much because I think he was fighting back some emotion. So despite what some people say, I am pretty good with gifts. It’s not the perfect wedding gift, but knowing them it will be greatly appreciated. I do wish them all the best though. Like I said, they are good people.

I also got to see Iron Man 2 last night and I have to say it was great. I really enjoyed it very much. The only real thing I have against it was all the product placement. Seriously guys, I think you made enough with the first one to not need so much extra product placement. Let’s cut down on the ads for number 3 and that would be awesome. I won’t say anything more except if you liked the first one, this one is just as good.

Be safe kids. See you soon.


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