Hello Monday

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So. Hey. How ya been? Not unwell I hope. That was my Dad’s favorite response to the question “How are you doing?”; “Well I am not unwell” he would say. I have kind of adopted it since. The response has two meanings and I guess it depends on your own mindset to how you perceive the response. I have adopted both versions of the response and it really does depend on the day.

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Today was one of those crappy kind of days. Actually, the last 2 days at work have been a bit crappy. Very high stress days that didn’t need to be. Only today ended with a brief meeting that we all need to work more and work harder. Spot checks will be done to make sure people aren’t arriving late, taking long lunches, and leaving early. Because I guess to some people, quantity equals quality. I do not share this point of view in the workplace, but it’s not my workplace to run. So be it I guess, for now.

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I also need to get a haircut. Well I thought I did until I was complimented by someone who doesn’t stare at my scruffy mug every day. They thought it looked good grown out. So maybe I’ll just get a trim instead of my full cut. Of course though, I could not just accept the compliment. I really need to work on that.

So, my fellow blog writers, do you come up with great ideas at inopportune moments? I do all the time and it’s frustrating, is it not? My latest have come while about to get into the shower. I can’t really log them for a post right away because the water has reached the right temperature, I am in my bathroom, and I am naked. Throw in a touch of ADD and the idea is gone as I delicately return the shine to my behind.

Sometimes I think about scenarios from my day that I imagine going differently if I had said this instead of that. Sometimes I stress about bills and money. Sometimes I sing in my head. Never out loud though, I’ve never done that singing in the shower deal. I’m a car singer, not a shower singer.

My last is kind of zany. I thought it would be funny if there was a gag reel to Star Wars where the actors never broke character. So someone runs a little interference and bumps into Darth Vader. When they do, they hit a button that changes his voice from the menacing tone to a sultry vixen. The emperor laughs heartily and they get back to it. It sounded better in my head I guess. It is a mash-up of the Pixar gag reels, so maybe it just means I need to watch more movies with human beings.

Wow, this post really took a turn for the random huh? I guess there aren’t enough words to talk about the simple things in life right now. For instance, Saturday was our oldest daughter’s birthday party. Her best friends from school came and they couldn’t have had a better time. We went to our local playground which has a splash park and they all got merrily soaked. The weather was perfect, the smiles were abundant. Not much else to say about that. It was just perfect.

Not all the kids were from our party, there was another party there at the same time. It is a public park with no reservations taken. All the toys though were fair game and boy did they play some games!


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