Back to Normal

Ahhhh, my house is full of all its residents once again. This is both perfect and almost perfect at the same time.

How do you say that Hockeymandad you ask yourself, I will explain.

While I was home this afternoon with the girls, we played some Wii bowling. After we all played each other, they asked me to play alone while they finished their snack. They witnessed perfection.

That’s right my friends, that’s a Wii Sports Resort perfect game. Ahhhhh yeah.

Since snack time wasn’t over I asked if they wanted to see 100-pin bowling. YEAH! was the overwhelming response. They liked the red pin and how many pins there were. What they witnessed here, was almost perfection.

DOH! That may be harder to do than pull off the back to back perfect games. I missed 1 pin on the LAST. DAMN. THROW.

More importantly though, the wife is back home safe, sound, and healthy. Hospitals suck, especially when you’re stuck in one. Welcome home, we missed you and we love you.


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