Still Breathing

Yes, I’m still around. Mostly commenting on your blogs, facebook, and sometimes even still the twitter. I’ve been pretty busy of late though participating in the physical world more than the virtual one. I do like spending time with you guys, but I also have found some enjoyment in the world outside as well. Mostly, I’ve felt like a little writer’s block has set in. I don’t have much inspiration or subject matter to write about. Nothing interesting or that I’m willing to “put out there” right now anyway. Maybe I’ll find my voice again in greater quantities. Maybe not. I’m not worried about it though, because I have no expectation. I turned down ad money because I felt guilty taking someone’s money for how infrequently I write. I still have a voice, I’m not sure how I want to use it right now.

I am actually trying to exercise more. I’m training for this race. Should be fun. Maybe after that I’ll have a story to tell.

A story I will have to tell, hopefully with awesome pictures, is when I go see one of my favorite bands in concert. Guster. If you’ve never heard of them you haven’t read my blog very much. But this concert will be special. I am on their guest list. Not from the blog, just because I was a fan and was one of 6 people who actually bought this awesome shirt. I also have after show passes for this event. I have no idea what that means, but I do hope to get a picture with the band, perhaps I should learn their names.

Enjoy some tunes…


Pearl Jam (an old classic often overlooked)


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